Malmö Research Tips

Researching in the cities differs from researching in the rural parishes. More people lived in the city. The church books contain many pages to browse and there may be multiple volumes for a period of time making one feel that one is looking for a “needle in a haystack”.

This article will point out some helpful tips for searching in the Malmö church books. Two wonderful tools on ArkivDigital are name registers and topographical registers for many of Malmö parishes.

Malmö Parish History

It may be helpful to know the history of Malmö parishes. Originally there was only one parish and it was named Malmö Sankt. Petri. In 1683, Malmo St. Caroli parish was founded and it existed until 1948. Church records for Malmö Garnisonsförsamling began in 1710 and continued until 1927. Malmö Sankt Pauli Parish was established in 1884 and Malmö Sankt Johannes came into existence in 1906. In addition there were Malmö hospitalsförsamling (1786-1928) and Malmö Slottsförsamling (1745-1879). In the 1900’s, more parishes were established in Malmö. The name registers and topographical registers mainly apply to the parishes mentioned in this article.

Name Registers

You will find many name registers for many of the parishes with Malmö. These registers provide names indexes for birth, marriage, death, household examination and moving in and out books. You will find the name registers listed in the volume list for the respective parish as volume type, registers. When you click on a register, the information box above will show you what type of a register it is such as register for births for certain years. Below are steps for finding name registers for Malmö Sankt Petri parish.

  1. Access ArkivDigital online
  2. Open search window
  3. Click on advanced search
  4. Select county, Malmöhus
  5. Select parish, Malmö Sankt Petri
  6. Scroll down the volume list and search for registers
  7. There you will find name registers for birth, marriage, death, moving and household examination records
  8. Highlight a register and a register description will be in the info box above the volume list

In the above example, Malmö Sankt Petri PersonReg:2 has name registers for the household examination records for years 1816-1832. These include volumes AIa:1, AIa:2, AIa:3 and AIa:4.

Topographical Registers (Topografiska register – kvartersregister)

A topographical register is available for many of the Malmö city parishes. These registers make it easy to determine which household examination or congregation volume a block (kvarter) is found for a certain year. In the volume list for a respective parish you will find the topography register.

The following example shows a birth record for Margrit Fredrika born in 1900 in Malmö St. Petri parish and that she lives in the kvarter, Kamelen I, and that you can find the family in the corresponding congregation book for that year on page 393. However, there are 12 volumes of congregation records for the year 1900. By going to the topographical register, we will identify the correct volume and shorten the search.

Malmö Sankt Petri CI:13 (1900-1907) Image 28 / page 25 (AID: v104059.b28.s25, NAD: SE/MSA/00619)

In order to find the correct congregation volume:

  1. Scroll down in the Malmö Sankt Petri volume list and look for topografisk register and you will find one covering years 1816-1991
  2. Double click on the volume and look for the place or kvarter, Kamelen. The places are arranged in alphabetical order.
  3. In the image below you will see that the records for Kamelen for the year 1900 can be found in the volume AIIa:9.

Malmö Sankt Petri TopReg:1 (1816-1991) Image 680 (AID: v328074.b680, NAD: SE/MSA/00619)

Now we can go directly to volume AIIa:9 and find the family on page 393.

If you want to know where a certain kvarter is in Malmö, you will find a good map on the Malmö city website The site is in Swedish.


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